Good afternoon leaders…
Do you receive my sms? If yes, i believe now you just make a contact to your member to attend first service tommorow.

As i mention before, this month let us focus our attention to attandancy of our member to the service. I hope all of CARE member attend the service this saturday-sunday.
1. For that, please make a record for attendence (absen) for every member along this February.
2. On February 14-15th, 2009 will be a special service about love others. The time will be inform next.
3. This Sunday there is Bangkit Yosua, on 12.30pm at Betlehem room
4. If There is a youth new comer who attend on service or big day will be inform to CARE leader to follow up, until he/she become a member of your cell group.
At the and, don’t forget send me sms the number of attendance and offering on your CARE. Sorry bahasa inggrisku ga karuan-mari kita sama-sama berlatih bahasa inggris,he3.
Met melayani, Gbu